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Accurate and in-depth patient emotional insights powered by AI.

Project M is a revolutionary new venture into the future of telemedicine, that is aiming to change how medical professionals understand their patients. 

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How Project M helps doctors

Project M is a class 1 CDSS platform that assists doctors in understanding their patients' emotional states when meeting virtually. 

telemedicine session


Doctors and patients meet via the telemedicine platform.

IPMD Analysis


During the call, Project M is continuously reading the patient's emotional state. The emotional AI virtual API calling enables real-time video feed analysis.

IPMD Data Analysis

Get insights

Within 24 hours after the treatment, the doctor will receive an emotional analysis PDF report exported from the entire session.

Watch how Project M works 


Doctors who treat patients virtually

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Medical insurance providers 



Project M helps doctors understand their patients better


Get insight to see how Project M helps you be better at what you do

Overall emotion status

Overall mood status


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Emotion frequency

Overall emotion status

Emotion status frequency

Emotion pairs

Mood frequency

Overall mood status

Mood status frequency

Mood pairs

Don’t let suffering go unnoticed.

4 in 10

As anxiety, depression and mood disorder rates rise through the pandemic, doctors struggle to identify their patients true emotional state through virtual encounters – leading to undetected patient suffering and suboptimal treatment.

Adults have reported anxiety or depression (KFF.ORG)


Encrypted measures enforced


Registration CSDD SaMD Class1 medical device


Winner 2021 top place award

Biotech Awards 2022

Best telemedicine clinical decision support system-North America


Future of Hospital AI hackathon, Texas Children's Hospital


Human hours creating emotional AI

What the experts say about us

"Thrilled at what IPMD was able to put together"

We are huge advocates of the NVIDIA developer ecosystem and the NVIDIA Inception program and are thrilled at what IPMD was able to put together around emotional AI, as healthcare moves closer to the reality of smart hospital.

Andy Lin
Andy Lin

VP Strategy and Innovation for Mark III Systems

"Excitement for all the possibilities"

We’re excited to recognize IPMD and believe this project sparked a lot of great ideas amongst our panel of executive judges and added to the excitement for all of the possibilities new technologies bring to the hospital of the future.

Melanie Lowther
Melanie Lowther

Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Texas Children's Hospital

"True innovator"

IPMD is the true innovator and the most expert of all regarding the emotional AI field.

Dr. Nupur
Dr. Nupur Raychaudhuri

Chief Scientific Officer-Ainume

At IPMD, we believe technology should enhance human connection, not replace it. Join us as we unlock new possibilities, transforming industries and improving lives through the power of facial and emotional AI. Discover a world where precision meets empathy, and the future is within your grasp. 

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The future of telemedicine has Emotional AI embedded.

Welcome to the future. Schedule a discussion to explore investment opportunities.


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