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Find the ideal candidate through facial and emotional AI

Discover the power of Project M, the revolutionary interview platform that unlocks the true potential of candidate assessment. With cutting-edge facial emotional AI technology, we go beyond resumes and interviews, revealing the untold story behind every candidate's emotions and facial expressions.

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Ensure you hire the best fit for your team

Gain unparalleled insights into candidate suitability, effortlessly. Our advanced algorithms analyze micro-expressions, detecting joy, contempt, anger, and more. Unleash the power of non-verbal communication, ensuring you hire the best fit for your team. 

Unlock a data-driven hiring advantage

Unlock a data-driven hiring advantage with Project M's comprehensive analytics. Make confident decisions based on objective assessments, ensuring a match that exceeds expectations. Embrace efficiency, speed, and accuracy, all within one intuitive platform.

a data-driven

Unleashing fair hiring

By leveraging our cutting-edge facial and emotional AI technology, companies can ensure fair evaluations that transcend biases, focusing solely on qualifications and skills. 

Features that elevate your hiring process

Key features empower recruiters to make more informed and equitable hiring decisions.

Data-driven Analysis in real-time

We provide deep insights into candidates' genuine reactions and emotions with data, enabling recruiters to assess their authenticity and emotional intelligence accurately.

Ease of managing the candidates

Admins can easily create a new candidate profile, and update and edit the interview process to track each candidate. 

Emotion-based questioning

Project M intelligently adapts the line of questioning to delve deeper into their experiences, values, and problem-solving abilities, fostering more insightful and meaningful conversations.

Help you keep organized

Leverage our easy-to-use platform that monitors candidate's interview process, newly added notes and summaries, and collaborates with hiring managers to stay on track. 

At IPMD, we believe technology should enhance human connection, not replace it. Join us as we unlock new possibilities, transforming industries and improving lives through the power of facial and emotional AI. Discover a world where precision meets empathy, and the future is within your grasp. 

Try Project M In Action

Learn more about Project M with our live demo.

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