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Doctor in Scrubs Reading Notes

Superpowering Doctors

We're bringing emotional artificial intelligence to patient encounters – turning doctors into empathetic superheroes who can treat their patients more effectively.

About Us

We Believe In The Promise Of AI 

We believe in the promise of AI to help us be better humans. If properly applied, emotional AI can improve lives and in some cases even save lives. We believe the breakthrough that doctors need to assist them in remotely diagnosing and treating patients can be found with the use of the right emotional AI system that joins their conversation and reads present and hard-to-detect facial emotions. Join us as we are building a world where technology helps people be their best.

Our Values

Core Values describe who we are, how we treat one another and the way we conduct ourselves - both in the company, in the community, and out in our business environment. While our corporate goals and strategies may evolve to meet changing circumstances, our Core Values remain firmly embedded in our own genetic makeup. They must be visibly present in our policies, our decisions, and our operations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work toward the common good of humankind, to promptly develop products and technology that will boldly march into territories of unmet and/or under-served medical needs in order to see that all may live a long healthy life without fear of serious disease.

Meet the Team


Min Lee

Founder, CEO & President 

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Kevin Choi

Chief Financial Officer

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Dr. Nupur Raychaudhuri

Scientific Advisor

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Matthew Lee

Vice President

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Scott Alexander

Chief Relationship Officer

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Seira Yasumatsu

Creative Director

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Erik Ni

Chief Technology Officer

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Rimma Ten

Chief Operating Officer

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