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Accurate and in-depth emotional insights powered by AI

We are revolutionizing the way businesses and healthcare providers harness the power of facial and emotional AI. With our groundbreaking services, we offer three distinct platforms that redefine the future of talent acquisition, telemedicine, and avatar.

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April, 2024

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May, 2024

Products we offer

IEAI Avatar

Our groundbreaking product combines the latest advancements in emotional AI & avatar technology, seamlessly integrating human emotions into avatars. 

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Interview Platform

Helping you find the ideal candidate through facial and emotional AI: the revolutionary interview platform that unlocks the true potential of candidate assessment. 

IPMD Emotional AI Platform

Telemedicine Platform

It is a revolutionary new venture into the future of telemedicine, that aims to change how medical professionals understand their patients. 

IPMD Telemedicine Platform

At IPMD, we believe technology should enhance human connection, not replace it. Join us as we unlock new possibilities, transforming industries and improving lives through the power of facial and emotional AI. Discover a world where precision meets empathy, and the future is within your grasp. 

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