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Introducing the IPMD Emotional AI Mobile App: Empowering you with Emotional Intelligence

Imagine having the power of Emotional AI right at your fingertips. We are thrilled to introduce the revolutionary IPMD Emotional AI Mobile App. With just a simple selfie video, captured through your mobile camera, our cutting-edge AI technology will delve into your facial expressions and deliver real-time insights into your emotional state. Experience a new era of self-awareness and emotional intelligence like never before.

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Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for a brighter future

Our AI detects negative emotions and immediately guides you in transforming your facial expressions into positive ones. With regular practice, you can significantly boost your performance in job interviews, blind dates, product presentations, team meetings, and countless other everyday scenarios. These subtle yet powerful changes can revolutionize your life, opening doors to a brighter, more fulfilling future.



Capture Your Emotion

Use your mobile camera to start analyzing. It’s quick, easy, and seamless.

How it works




Our advanced AI algorithms analyze your facial expressions to detect a range of emotions.



Real-Time Emotional Analysis

Receive instant feedback on your emotional state, helping you understand and manage your feelings better.


Instant Feedback

Get real-time emotional insights within seconds of your video capture.


Detailed Report

Dive deeper with comprehensive emotional analysis reports.

Why choose IPMD Emotional AI?


IPMD defied the odds, creating an Emotional AI that achieves an impressive 96% AUC/ROC score—a testament to its unparalleled accuracy and consistency across over 500,000 emotional data points.


We understood that emotions are deeply personal and vary significantly from person to person. This realization guided us to train our AI using the emotional data of a single, highly empathetic individual, ensuring a more nuanced and authentic emotional intelligence.

At IPMD, we believe technology should enhance human connection, not replace it. Join us as we unlock new possibilities, transforming industries and improving lives through the power of facial and emotional AI. Discover a world where precision meets empathy, and the future is within your grasp. 

Try Project M In Action

Join us in shaping a future where humans and AI thrive together, driven by the transformative power of Emotional Intelligence. Embrace this groundbreaking journey and witness the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead.

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