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M vs Microsoft: Episode 7

Wife’s Desperate Cry for Her’s Husband Leaving on a Deadly Mission

In this episode, let’s test M’s and Microsoft Azure’s performances on human emotion recognition with a more technologically challenging human face image.

Here’s the context of this image: The husband is leaving on a extremely dangerous mission. Since the wife knows that her husband is not likely to be returned from this deadly mission, she is emotionally scared and sad and is crying desperately.

So how would M and Microsoft Azure quantify this?

Similar to the last episode while Microsoft fail to detect any face to evaluate, M successfully recognized the person’s face in the image, even only half of the face was captured. Furthermore, M analyzes 50.9% sadness, 37.6% fear, and 5.8% anger.


We, at Project M, believe the ability of emotional artificial intelligence platform to identify and understand obvious negative emotions has great potential to optimize humans’ emotional well-being.

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*As of March 2019, the Project M team has devoted 58,000 hours to the AI platform, M. The sample input data we are using is the pure testing data that is completely new to M and Microsoft (assumed) and is never been used to train M, so this comparison is a fair trial between M and Microsoft. We appreciate Microsoft, the leader of the industry and emotional AI sector, for allowing the general public to test their testing site for identifying human emotions based on facial expressions.

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